Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Revere - Hey! Selim (2010)

8/4/10 5:38AM

Cover Art

a new entry should be made when more details come out about this. But it's expected in September finally. It was 2006 when I 1st came across their name. That shows just how long ago it was. They almost pre-date my 1st exposure to Cavil at Rest (actually they may, I'm not sure).

wow it was nearly 1 year ago today I wrote this, lol.

8/5/09 9:34AM

Unfortunately, I don't have time (as usual) to elaborate about my interest and anticipation for this band's debut LP. But it's good to finally read more about it.


myspazz blog

Release date is noted as being "Autumn" at this point. So, it could be late September or it could ne late November. But it's being mixed right now. It's been like 2 years and change since learning of them.

So..Revere it sounds like will be joining the party, how about Local Natives?

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