Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I've been consumed by a few things over the last few days/weeks. Namely concern about my car's windshield being cracked + rust being the cause (and the cost). Well I got it replaced yesterday finally and my insurance covered the glass and the service to grind down the rust so it hopefully won't return anytime soon and cause the glass to crack again.

But I also have been spending a fair amount of time with the Psychic Crapfest: A Psych Fans Podcast as could be noted there, something like a dozen entries in the last week.

I think it's safe to say, learning of the Pineapple Radio (another, new Psych podcast), it got me motivated to spend more time with my friend and I's podcast.

At any case, what this has meant is, some of the stuff I've meant to include here, news mainly, that I included on my twitter haven't been posted. And they will. Namely the Warpaint album info and the new Steven Wilson/Mikael Akerfeldt project. Along with a review of "Do the Dean II" from Sunday.

Also, the

"AllMediaReviews Music Essentials" series that I have worked on. I shall be starting soon. The audio portions are the only part that I am still working on getting around. But 20 drafts have been put together already.

the Fall 2010 TV Preview also should be happening pretty soon if time allows. September may be somewhat of an insane month for concerts, although a lot of them are late in the month.

also news with some bands music should be announced soon. Namely Fair to Midland who posted something on their facebook about making a big announcement soon. My guess is they will announce whose producing their new album. Like what dredg did recently. And I don't expect it to be David Botrill again.