Monday, March 14, 2016

3/12/16 Cloud Cult at the State Theatre Minneapolis, MN

Guess-estimated Set List:

The Great Unknown
Running With The Wolves
Time Machine Invention
Everything You Thought You Had
You Were Born
Story Of The Grandson Of Jesus
Days to Remember
Transistor Radio
Meet Me Where You're Going
Light at the End of the Tunnel?
No Hell
The Man Jumped Out the Window
Love You All
There's So Much Energy In Us
Complicated Creation
Through the Ages

Another uplifting show from Cloud Cult, supporting their new record/film The Seeker which has become my favorite record of 2015-2016 thus far, and among if not my favorite of theirs overall.

The set list is likely not 100% accurate both in titles and order as I was not able to find it anywhere online ( namely at this point), but it's relatively close to this. I did try to get a set list sheet after the show as I saw them on stage, but the security people wouldn't allow me to grab it, or have one of them go up and get one for me unfortunately.

But in terms of what is included, it is quite good and it has a lot material from of course The Seeker, Love and Light Chasers. Love, got a lot of *love*, although I was expecting them to play "Good Friend" after they kept playing tracks off it. But "Sleepwalker" is one of my favorites from that record and I was really happy to hear it last night.

I suppose I would have lost it probably had they included "You Never Were Alone" which has become maybe their saddest song to me ever, at least how the music sounds along with the lyrics hit me. I dunno, I wonder if they will eventually bring it out on another leg, or perhaps they'll play the entire The Seeker record at some point. Which that would also include "The pilgrimage" which has become a favorite of mine.

But the show, I guess while being sold out, many of the tickets were held by the band members for family, etc. I was fortunate enough to meet a gentleman named Gary who had an extra ticket. he was nice enough to give me. And his seats were pretty good, about 20 rows back on the right side in front of Sarah Perbix, Cloud Cult's keyboard/trumpet/french horn and vocalist (and whom I sort of know personally as I took some piano lessons from her a few years ago).

But it was more or less a capacity crowd at the State Theatre. And it had the crowd standing frequently, which I have mixed feelings about. For one, I like to see the whole band and the paintings that are being made by Scott West and Connie Minowa. And I also am not crazy about standing for long lengths of time, especially considering this show went well over 2 hours.

And the Cloud Cult fans also seem to enjoy standing, and even dancing, which I follow I suppose to a point. But what it led to was a lot of standing up, and sitting down. By about the middle of the set, I just couldn't sit anymore given some folks a couple of rows up were not going to sit anymore.

Which makes me wonder if they will do more shows at any of the Hennepin theaters, or go back to First Ave when they do shows in the Twin Cities, save for an outdoor event like Rock the Garden or whatever. Although considering they have played at Orchestra Hall and the Southern Theater, I suppose playing theater shows is not new to them. I was at the Orchestra Hall show back in 2011? I think it was, and it worked really well. I just don't recall the sitting-standing-sitting-standing-sitting-standing thing as much as last night.

But alas, it's been 3 years since I last saw them supporting Love, and even with a little bit of personnel changes, they still are infectious live act. I just feel a bit spoiled I suppose to have them from my hometown, so much that I don't try and see them every chance I get because of time, budget, and priority. But I mentioned to Gary, if they were from another town and came to Minnesota even once every other year, I'd likely never miss a show. They're still THAT good live.

And maybe someday they'll want to play like the complete Light Chasers live, which would probably be a dream set list for me for them.