Sunday, March 6, 2016

Black Mountain - IV (2015-2016)

3/6/16 1:49AM

2nd single and animated video for "Florian Saucer Attack."

2/13/16 2:06PM
I don't have a ton of time right now to elaborate on this, but I suppose I can just say this 1st single  (and trippy as hell video below) "Mother of the Sun" is 8.5 minutes and pretty much capturing a lot of what I used to love  .about this Canadian heavy psych/stoner/prog band who feature both male and female vocals, (namely from the In the Future period in 2008)

This 1st new album, after 6 years, since 2010's Wilderness Heart, drops on April 1st.

1 Mothers of the Sun
2 Florian Saucer Attack
3 Defector
4 You Can Dream
5 Constellations
6 Line Them All Up
7 Cemetery Breeding
8 (Over & Over) The Chain
9 Crucify Me
10 Space to Bakersfield