Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Saigon Kick - Space Oddity

With all the Bowie stuff that has come up and thought about over the past 24 hours of course, this is another one that crossed my mind.

I've always loved Saigon Kick, In fact it's kind of a travesty how little if any content I've ever included about them, as I own more or less everything they did.

And I have strong nostalgia for them in the mid-late 90's, and even through the 2000's.

Time is limited of course for me as I need to head to work; but this song I can honestly say, increased my inteerst in David Bowie's music a lot., While the arrangement isn't dramatically different from the original, there's enough of their stamp on it, to give it distinction.

And it inspired me to see what they said on Social Media yesterday here

Getting a message that David Bowie thought a cover you did “was really good” was a massive career highlight, even if he was just being kind.

And it seems Bowie enjoyed their cover.

As for SK, I really should try and include some content about them and their impressive catalog as they've been a band I've enjoyed for a long time and they are sort of forgotten by the prog/prog-metal scene among others.