Tuesday, January 5, 2016

1/5/16 Blogdate

Short as possible:

Things are slowly but surely getting done. Namely the 2015-2016 preview, as I spent a good chunk of time New Years weekend on it, but, of course there's still some blurbs to do. I may do the lazy route soon and just throw it up and rename it as Part 1, lol And then possibly later edit-in more details and releases..

And the 2nd part of the Dream Theater video hopefully can be made soon.

Ovetime at work has kind of usurped my extra time of late, otherwise that video and some other things might be done.

I'm seeing the Charlie Kaufman animated film Anomalisa tonight finally, and waiting, I didn't have to pay the Twin Cities Film Festival price of $20 thankfully.

the calendar: wtf, I'll just throw it up here

January 3rd Galavant returns
January 7th Into the Machine Prog Doc on YouTube premieres
January 7th Angel from Hell premiere date
January 10th Golden Globes
January 14th World Dog Awards on the CW
January 14th Academy Award nominees announced.
January 19th All Things Must Pass ON-DEMAND (redbox?)
January 26th Meet the Patels DVD and ON-DEMAND (redbox?)
February 7th Superbowl Sunday/Puppy Bowl
February 11th Godspeed You Black Emperor
February 15th Grammys
February 16th Better Call Saul S2  premiere
February Vektor/Voivod
February 27th Spirit Awards
February 28th Academy Awards
February 28th Ne Obliviscaris
April 3rd Mutemath
May 2nd Dream Theater

othewise, I told the Fiancee I need to get back to some of those projects, namely the Retro Favorites. And Lists Watchmojo won't make, etc/

Plus I may be due for both an update on YouTube and Podcast subscriptions soon. Hopefully sooner than later...