Friday, January 29, 2016

Radical Face - The Family Tree: The Leaves (2015-2016)

1/29/16 8:36PM
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1. Secrets (Cellar Door)
2. Rivers in the Dust
3. Everything Costs
4. Midnight
5. The Ship in Port
6. Photograph
7. Third Family Portrait
8. The Road to Nowhere
9. Old Gemini
10. Bad Blood

Opening track "Secrets (Cellar Door)"

1/15/16 6:28AM
So, this was coming out per a post or 2 from Ben Cooper last Fall, but now we finally have more details.

The 1st single "Road to Nowhere" is below, and it's good, although it sounds like it will mean more within the whole record. And it sounds like Ben's going to be doing this a little like Clone, by releasing many tracks leading up to the release date which is March 25th, 2016.

Preorder link coming soon per his post below/on FB as well.
Facebook link w/ March 25th Release Date

Facebook Link
Hi Folks,
So I am gonna be releasing some tracks from this album in the lead up to the full thing coming out. I think it's more fun that way.
The first song I'm letting out is called "The Road to Nowhere." It is the follow-up to "The Gilded Hand" off the last album. All throughout the Family Tree records, there's a bloodline that causes fantastic and strange mutations to show up in people. Everything from a little girl who walks on water when she sleepwalks, to two brothers who have regular conversations with their dead relatives. But there's a dark side to this. There are other families with these oddities in their bloodline. Oftentimes the kids who show strange behaviors are abandoned or forced out of their homes and wind-up working in the industrial part of the city. The Gilded Hand is the nickname of a man who provides these children work in his factory, but only so he can experiment on them. He's obsessed with tapping into this odd blood and changing the world with it. Many children who go to work for him are never seen again.
If you've never heard The Gilded Hand, here's a link (
"The Road To Nowhere" follows the story of a boy in that same factory who's abilities only show up in his sleep. He often wakes to find messages written on the walls of his cell, written in his own hand. He has no recollection of writing them, but they always come true. Then one morning, he wakes to find dried blood on his hands and the body of The Gilded Hand on the floor. Not of his choosing, he's freed all the children that'd been collected to work there. Many of them start to follow him as a kind of spiritual leader afterwards.
If you'd like to hear the track, here's a link to the premiere on The Wild Honey Pie here:…/
Also, if you'd like to preorder the album and any of the goodies I'm having made that will go live tomorrow. And I'll hopefully have my website and forum up and running later tonight. Worst case scenario, tomorrow. I am also building a brand new mini-website that will explain all the songs, their stories, and how they connect to each other. It'll be an interactive way to understand the entire project.
Anyway, more soon! It's nice to finally be wrapping all this up. 8 years! Holy hell.
I hope everyone is well.