Thursday, January 7, 2016

Into the Machine Ep 1: OPETH (new modern prog doc)

So here's the debut episode of this new series done by Freqs TV (or Frequency TV?), which is a feature on Opeth. It's only a 5+ minute piece, which may be standard length for these, I dunno. Pluses and minuses to that, in that to get the YouTube and Social Media audience, as I have come to learn and struggle with still, the shorter length videos work.

I also don't know if all of these will feature interviews as it seems this one does. Time, resources, etc with said artists. I could see interviews being done per Google Hangout or just on Skype, but then again, those are rarely short.

Anyway, great to see the 1st one up; although it probably is worth adding how Freqs TV's YouTube channel has a lot of docs and footage of many musicians, including people like Steven Wilson and God is an Astronaut, so perhaps this is just a new style of video for them, but just focusing on modern progressive rock exclusively.

Edit: also cool to look forward to Between the Buried and Me next week!