Thursday, January 14, 2016

Alan Rickman Rest in Peace..... and Celebrity Deaths and Cancer

Story about Alan Rickman dying at 69 of Cancer

I really loved this guy at times, after I think initially not being a huge fan. I don't recall even knowing it was him who played the villain in Die Hard until years later.

But from Hitchikers Guide, to Snape in all the Harry Potter movies, to Galaxy Quest to Bottle Shock (he was a hilarious wine snob/critic), to Nobel Son, to Love Actually. The guy was always worth watching.

I also thought he should have played Count Dracula, in a Christopher Lee-esque way, although maybe that would have been less unique or original. Snape was similar I suppose.

Really sad though, he's gone the same week as Bowie and in very similar circumstances of a secretive cancer.

So to Cancer, this is fitting.

Even though Bowie and Rickman's cancer was secretive, there are many whose is not (like Bruce Dickinson). I would go for trying to find a Wiki page or website that listed them. I only found a couple of gossip sites, here's one:
Celebrities Who Survived Cancer