Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mother Falcon - Good Luck Have Fun (2014-2015)

7/9/15 10:21PM
Paste Magazine Link to "Water" stream

dig this 2nd track. I'm starting to feel a little optimistic about this album, although the style of music doesn't seem too different for Mother Falcon, but I just wonder if the songwriting could be even better.

Another possible sleeper? (see Everything Everything's new album which I've become addicted to in recent week).

6/16/15 10:42PM
Official Music video for Kid. Weird imagery and what might be locusts? crawling on that woman's body.

6/11/15 10:36PM

New single for "Kid" the crescendo in the outro especially.

5/19/15 6:49AM

This album is being released on August 14th per that story link above.

Details beyond that? not a ton, although I suppose reading through their social media more may reveal more of them. But when a track list, etc comes, I'll bump this entry again.

I enjoy both of their previous albums quite a bit, probably their debut Alhambra more so. They are one of a handful of bands who make these great chamber folk/pop/rock, almost wall-of-sound compositions that I totally go for.

This new track I like, although it sounds a little more stripped down, almost like Miracles of Modern Science in a way (the mandolin?), although I recall there were some parts of You Knew, their last record that was like that.