Sunday, July 26, 2015

Painted in Exile - Return of Singer/Demo Clip/New Album in 2016

7/26/15 10:39PM

As that says, their new singer is actually their original singer now returned. and the debut album is coming in 2016.


Everyone, please welcome our original vocalist Rob Richards back into Painted In Exile! We are finally in a place where we feel the six of us couldn't possibly make this band a reality without one another and our bond is stronger than ever. Everyone, show Rob a warm welcome and enjoy this demo clip of one of our new tracks. The new album is coming in 2016!

12/17/14 5:12AM

This is pretty sweet, so given how long it's been since anything came from these guys, in some ways, it was worth that wait. 2009's Revitalized EP to be specific.

They don't have a permanent singer I guess still, which has a lot to do with how long it has taken. They also lost their keyboardist and found a new one if I recall.

At any case. It's available at whatever price you want on their Bandcamp linked below.