Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Top 10 Lists Won't Do: Top 10 OURS songs

Here's a list

Now Here's My Personal List:

The Worst Things Beautiful
I'm a Monster
Meet Me in the Tower
Fall Into My Hands
Fallen Souls/Drowning
In a Minute
If Flowers Turn

Honorable Mentions: , Lost, Mercy, Get Up, Chapter 2 Money, Ran Away to Tell the World
Medication, Here is the Light, Realize, Willing, Sing, Red Coloured Stars, Saint, Pretty Pain
Leaves, Boxer, Kill the Band.

New/Live/Unrecorded/Jimmy Gnecco solo: Mechanical Lovers, Into the Fire, Autumn, Living in a Video, Bells, The Heart, Days

I'm not going to writeup even brief blurbs at this point about all of these just in the interest of time. And I started a few other of these song lists WMJ.COM won't make, which tells you also why I'm just posting this little explanation.

But I will say, Ours, are as I've written many times, one of my favorite bands of course, ever since becoming a fan in 2005. Jmmy Gnecco is my favorite actively working and modern/younger singer. The list on the site linked above, for one, may have been posted yesterday given Jimmy Gnecco's 41st birthday was yesterday (happy birthday to Jimmy by the way).

The list itself, while is not bad, as my list differs, even among the long list of Honorable Mentions (and believe me, I did not include many songs I love even in there). I am surprised to not see Sometimes in there, afterall, it is Ours biggest song, or *hit* per say as even the video received a fair amount of airplay on MTV2 back in 2001-2002.

Maybe because it became so popular, this writer/fan making that list finds it overrated or overplayed? I guess I could find that the case personally, except some 9+ years later, I have failed to grow sick of it. It just has so much emotion and such an incredible climax, my ears and brain, I somehow doubt  will ever get sick of it.

Among my list, probably the biggest track sticking out is "In a Minute" from Precious. I happen to love it for a few reasons, but maybe mostly from the combination of the lyrics or message I get and with the crescendo. It sort of says fuck you to anyone who says or makes you feel like you can't do something, anything really. And that speaks to me on some level at least. Kind of the idea "I am not like the others, but I could be if I wanted to." or even to an extent of "You Laugh at Me because I'm different, but I laugh at you because you're all the same." And I could be like the others, or anything else, in a minute; that's how easy it would be for me, etc. But those people who act or say that I couldn't be like them (or as good as them, etc), are wrong, and don't know how wrong they are, as I could be as good or better and LIKE them, in a minute.

Anyway, the band and many fans aren't crazy about that tune, but I honestly have always found it very relate or connectable.

Maybe I'll add more to this at some point (and more likely not sadly, time, etc).