Sunday, October 19, 2014

The return of The Decemberists

Per some sources, including Wikipedia fwiw, The Decemberists are making a new record, anticipated to be released sometime in 2015.

Also their post/sharing of the below article on here on Facebook.

This Story

Songs From A Decemberists Album Where Nobody Gets Murdered

“What A Successful Harvest This Was, Let’s Not Rape Anybody”
“The Sailor Who Died Of Old Age (Not Because Of A Weird Old-Age Curse Either, He Really Lived To A Naturally Old Age)”
“The Summer Nobody Died”
“This Lighthouse Isn’t Haunted”
“The Chimney That Wasn’t Stuffed With The Bodies Of Murdered Women”
“A List Of People Who Have Never Drowned”
“The Boy Who Joined A Guild And Worked Hard”
“Life As A Chimney Sweep Is Difficult But I’d Certainly Never Start Murdering Sex Workers Who Remind Me Of My Mother Just To Relieve The Stress”
“Let’s Not Strangle The Dauphin”
“The Landlord’s Daughter (‘s Name Was Penelope And She Was A Great Bookkeeper Who Eventually Married A Prosperous Merchant And They Had Four Healthy Children)”
“A Deer That Is Just A Deer, Not An Enchanted Prince That Will Leave You Pregnant With A Witch-Son”
“A Queen Not Doing Murder”
“You Can Keep Your Heart Inside Your Own Body”
“Everyone In This Mining Camp Respects One Another’s Boundaries”
“There Are No Evil Wizards In This Song, Just Hard-Working Mill Owners”
“I Love You And I Won’t Bayonet Your Brother”
“The Butcher Who Only Slaughtered Animals For Food, Never People”
“Let’s Raise This Baby Instead Of Smashing It On Some Cobblestones”
“Let’s Have A Picnic By The River, Then Not Drown Each Other In It”
“Society Is Functioning Pretty Well (Here In The Past Where We Live)”
“We Have Enough Food This Winter”
“Just An Ordinary Riverboat Captain Who’s Only Had Consensual Sex”
“Margaret, A Woman Who Is Alive And Reasonably Content”

Good to see this information surface, I do recall know that they were going to comeback soon as when I met Colin Meloy at the book signing he and his wife did back in 2012 in Roseville, MN he mentioned that they would be working on new music soon. Some of that may have been contigent on the timing of how well Jenny Conlees health was doing (she was being treated for Breast Cancer from memory).

More to post/update in due time.