Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Project Clone (Ben Cooper of Radical Face)

10/15/14 10:20AM

Act 3 and 4

9/30/14 7:24PM

Act 2:

9/24/14 12:25PM

This is a new project with 2 members I guess, 1 being Ben Cooper of Radical Face/Electric President. The other, a musician named rickoLus (Richard Colado).

The 9+minute piece below is well, pretty sweet not surprisingly. Musically, how does it differ from Ben's other music? I'm not quite sure as of yet, ..maybe a bit more textured, theatrical, and electronic? ..I dunno, but I'm digging what I heard on that video below.

As the Facebook post below says, the 1st Act was added/put up there to purchase for $1. The other 5 Acts I guess will be added/made-for-sale every successive week.

Very Cool.

The website for "Clone" is now active, and the first of 6 acts (The Laboratory) has been posted. We will be adding one act per week to finish out the story. 

The rest of the info can be found on the website: