Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kevin Gilbert's GIRAFFE - 20th Anniversary of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (2014)

10/14/14 11:00AM

2nd Preview.

10/2/14 12:43PM
Jeez, I can barely keep up with Gruno this week, LOL.

Briefly, a show/performance that has become pretty legendary at ProgFest  in LA in 1994. It has been heard and made available to see in various forms for a number of years. But the fact it being mixed and mastered should add enough for myself and many others.

Interesting how it was the 20th Anniversary of the album when this performance took place, and now it 20 years ago next month when that performance was held.

Kind of fitting.


Available mid-November 2014
Kevin Gilbert's GIRAFFE
A 20th Anniversary Performance Of
“The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”
Audio CD: 75 minutes
Price: $15
Recorded live at Valley Arts Center, Los Angeles • November 8, 1994.
Audio recorded and mixed by Kevin Gilbert.
The Band was:
Kevin Gilbert: Vocals, Organ, 12 String on “The Musical Box”
David Kerzner: Hammond Organ, RMI Electric Piano,
Novatron, Yamaha CP-70B, ARP Pro-soloist
Stan Cotey: Bass, Bass Pedals, 12 String Electrics
Dan Hancock: Guitars
Nick D’Virgilio: Drums, Backing Vocals
- The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
- Fly On A Windshield
- Broadway Melody Of 1974
- In The Cage
- The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging
- Back In N.Y.C.
- The Carpet Crawlers
- Lilywhite Lilith
- The Lamia
- The Colony Of Slippermen
- In The Rapids
- It/Watcher Of The Skies
- The Musical Box
Additional details (sound samples, artwork, ordering information) will be announced throughout the month of October.