Monday, October 6, 2014

22 - Ectypes [Official Video, 2014]

The same song was shared as a live performance a few months ago I recall. This is the studio version I presume. I like it, but naturally, the style being an acoustic ballad, is different for 22.

So their lead singer has left the band (and this song has a lot do with it I guess) from here (rough translation below)

In June played P3'll buy you a video with Trondheim band 22 séance took place in an old church on Persaunet in Trondheim, and the colorful group performed the same song that has video premiere here with us. The visualization of the song "Ectypes", which took two days to shoot due partly to technical challenges, you see the top of the case.

P3 TREATING: 22 perform "Ectypes"

Many coincidences had to fall into place for conducting video. Train speed, sunshine, people on the platform. The film team took the subway back and forth from Parliament Majorstua for hours, while the band, which now consists of Magnus Børmark, Mats Paulsen, Andreas Berg Cool and fresh vocalist Sturla Fagerliåsen Larsen, ate bowl on the platform.

- The song is about people, and the video was a natural visual processing of this. Pictures are the aspects of the song that we did not know was there, and so does the music with the pictures, explains the band.

When you let your mind wander
"Ectypes" was in an idle moment in a garage in Rindal where the band had rigged up in two weeks to play typing up new songs.

- Mats began to strum the harmonics on bass, and within half an hour as we had finished song with melody and arrangement. It was one of those moments you as an artist is very humble, above, when all is in place by itself, and it happens outside the practical thinking of the individual musician. The text was put in place after Magnus had a dream about another text he had written. And as he began to look for it in their archives, he came across this clip. Per started singing the words, and they voted perfectly in tune. The vocals on the song from the first time the text was placed on melody. The recording had a completely separate nerve in him.
Andreas Brushing Røe and Ole Jørgen Larssen from are the directors behind the clever video.
- Already the first time we heard the song, we wanted to grab the statement from the chorus: "No one knows who They really are." We wanted to try to capture this feeling that most of us have known. And we think well rarely as much as when you are waiting for something or someone, on the way to or from. That little moment where you let your mind wander and you are in an emotional limbo.
- The feeling of solitude and contemplation when in a moment standing still and waiting for a train, and feel alone, even when surrounded by other people, joins the duo.
New singer on the team
Musically, is 22 at the intersection progressive pop and rock, and besides two EPs after debut album Flux in 2011, there has been relatively quiet. But now debut the sequel recorded. The album is called You Are Creating and we are told that the single "Ectypes" is dedicated to 22s singer, Per Kristian Trollvik, who resigned due to changes in circumstances and priorities.
- "Ectypes" is a farewell song to and from As one might say, and marks the transition from the 22 has been and it will come. We have had to turn things on their heads, and found new solutions to things.
- We now have a new singer in the band that we are working hard with the other day. He has already contributed a great inspiration and interesting direction for the band, writing 22 to do a bunch of exclusive concerts in November at selected locations in Norway to showcase the new material, both in songs and human composition.

Also unsure, but this image they uploaded to their Facebook may be something from the album/album cover art.