Friday, February 28, 2014

Cloud Caverns - Gypsy Loft (2014)

Gypsy Loft cover art

1. Sparrow
2. The New Colossus
3. Clatters, Swells, and Tosses
4. The Reservoir
5. Memory Leaks
6. Fading Light Blues
7. Ladybird
8. MacArthur
9. A Warm Glow
10. Greenlawn
11. Gypsy Loft
12. Overlook

Being released May 4th. Brandon Peterson did the engineering and AJ Estrada the artwork, so it has still some influence and connections with Hotel of the Laughing Tree.

Not that this is huge on my radar, but I did like that EP from last year a bit,so I wouldn't be surprised if this is more of the same if not better.

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