Monday, February 17, 2014

Team Me - TBA (2014)

2/17/14 4:32PM
You can stream the 1st single "F is for Faker" at thSoundcloud Link (no embed *rolls eyes*)

Nice tune!. It has the Team Me energy and uplifting vibe, and the riffs.

12/31/13 7:30PM
I really enjoyed this Norwegian band's debut record from 2011, To the Treetops, more and more. In fact, I maybe have grown to enjoy it even more since 2011. It's just one of those high-energy records that was sort of a good go-to records to wake up or just escape or hear something uplifting. The melodies are often so strong and dreamy, they don't leave my brain for many hours.

So, nothing I have seen is official, but with these 6 (oops, not 4) recent studio videos, I would expect their next record to come out in 2014, and likely pretty early.

Mew fans I'm sure are watching their social media outlets everyday, but I would imagine many of their fans could catch on to this band next year if they haven't already.