Saturday, February 22, 2014

2014 Music Part 3: Some others

This is kind of a hodgepodge of stuff I didn't include in the previous two, maybes, longshots, and hopefuls. And there are I'm sure dozens of artists who also I'm not including in here who I may in a future entry, or just throughout the course of the year.

Alphabetical Order Orchestra (was My Latest Novel - Good Bees, Strong Hives?)

It appears some of the members of My Latest Novel are involved in this new project and a post from early February says they have Half of an Album already written.

By the end of the month we will have half an album...working titles 'Surprise Motherfuckers' or 'Facemelters' here!

What that means as far as My Latest Novel? who knows. But it does go along the lines of a pattern of a band from the past who ends up having the members do different things due to various possible reasons. Time, $, inspiration. I really loved My Latest Novel's last record 2009's Deaths and Entrances, but that was nearly 5 years ago. But perhaps Alphabetical Order Orchestra will be another cool group for some of the MLN members and, "Good Bees, Strong Hives" or whatever the title may be for the/a next release will happen eventually for them.

Annuals (or Adam Baker?)
Adam Baker, whose the lead singer and 1 of the main songwriters of Annuals, I guess he moved to LA a couple of years ago and has been writing new music. The stuff that ended up on last year's Annuals LP Time Stamp, I don't believe is stuff he wrote as recently. Him and Annuals Mike Robinson appeared in a video for a group called First Person Plural, which was nice to see, although the song itself didn't grab me all that much. But, I'm not sure if Mike and Adam did any of the actual songwriting with First Person Plural or that song.

But, some I noticed a few updates from Adam on Annuals facebook including using loops or something. So, he's obviously working on new music.

The Aston Shuffle - Photographs
As I yesterday posted about the Mayer Hawthorne-featured track "Never Take It Away," I'm enjoying that song and potentially this group. It's kind of dancey/soul pop, that is melodic. And in some ways, reminds me of Capital Cities. Although I guess this band put out an impressive debut record 3 years ago, so maybe Capital Cities remind some of them? Regardless, this album drops on March 28th, and I will have to keep it in mind.

This is singer Misato Yamanaka of Kacica's new band/project. Or 1 of them at least as I just found out within the last day or 2.  It may not be exactly like Kacica, but maybe even better? Misato is a great singer and songwriter, and what it says below, Kazuya Horiba also comes from Kacica as I just noticed he was their bassist. So, I might anticipate some Kacica-like music still here, but who knows having never heard a second of their music.

Here's their bio from their site.

AYNIW TEPO is a Japanese music group making very nice sound anybody never listen.
By singing, using various world music instrument, we can draw the beautiful soundscape.

Our band is composed mainly of two menbers, Misato Yamanaka(vo, synth) and Kazuya Hori(ba),
who is member of the Japanese great band named kacica in Nara.
We underwent member changing several times, Tomoe Yoshida(vo, piano, synth) joined AYNIW TEPO.
And we welcome new support member,Tedder (dr) 、Takk (gu)

The Barnum Meserve

A late entry that slipped my mind, but they are worth including in here certainly. I discovered them last year with an EP of theirs. I forget where, but it may have been a suggestion on rateyourmusic. Anyway, I haven't revisited their music more or less since hearing it initially, but I do remember liking their style of darker toned rock.

But their Facebook page says they have a new single coming that will be included on their debut album, so that suggests both very likely will be coming out this year.


Big Elf - Into the Maelstrom
Mike Portnoy is playing on this, and his speaking out/up for these guys over the last five or more years is probably as big a reason to pay attention to them (although I 1st heard the/saw their name back in the late 90's actually).

I'll likely check this out if time allows; although I'm sure many others will get more into this than me, but who knows. Portnoy's involvement does have me more curious about this than I normally would be.

released March 3rd..

The Bird and the Bee - TBA
The gf is into this band. This album has been made, it just has no means (money and/or a record label) to have it come out. I wonder though, if the band may just decide to either Crowd Fund its release or make it available on a bandcamp page if no record label comes their way.

Apparently an EP could be coming early in 2014. This is a band who have been around for a few years, that I wrote about a few weeks ago after noticing the cover of The Turtles "Happy Together." They have an EP titled Psycho that came out in 2012, and made some videos, but other than that, they are known for their live shows I guess. Style-wise, maybe just copying their Facebook description would be best.

"Todd Rundgren in Genesis listening to Muse while hanging out with Queen, Sikth and Quincy Jones who are all shagging Prince in Rush's private studio on LSD dressed up as The Beatles mixing Psycore jamming with The Manhattan Transfer in a lost Gershwin musical somewhere in Iceland.”

I think potentially, I could absolutely LOVE this band. They use a lot of styles I happen to enjoy. Kind of like sElf or Pepe Deluxe. I guess the big question though is, like a band like Painted in Exile or Sigmund Droid, when or even how long may it may before they do release a record.

Flying Colors
I recall reading most of the music has been written, but of course with this group's members A-jobs, the timing will factor if this does manage to come out. I would think if not in 2014, by 2015 sometime if not this year.

Godspeed You Black Emperor
I'm only including them as I saw some people mention their name on some other lists. Although their last record Allelujah! Don't Bend! was OLD material, recorded/updated etc. Whatever new music they may release, this year or in the future, at least will be the 1st newly written music since their hiatus ended.

The Grape and the Grain
Daniel Grimsland of the band Three's new project. Their raised enough I suspect the progress on this upcoming record could come sooner than later. I'm certainly intrigued by this band's style of heavy ballsy blues rock, as their latest singles released last fall got my attention.

What the status of the next Three record is? I have no idea, but if we don't have another Three album soon, at least Daniel is keeping busy (although between Three and Joey Eppard of course, something seems to come out nearly every year anyway..i.e. if a new Three album did come out, I would hardly be surprised).


Hannes Grossman - The Radial Covenant
Released February 4th. This is from the drummer from technical death metal bands Obscura and Necrophagist. The list of guests, among the metal/tech-death crowds is impressive (as far as I have read). The sample I listened to earlier was impressive, but in playing and actually production.

How different this is from Obscura's albums? I dunno. But from some comments from Hans on Youtube, he wrote it all and had control over all the lyrics, vocal lines and other aspects.

Mayer Hawthorne
He recorded  like 40 songs for Where Does This Door Go, and he said he'd like to release many that didn't come out on WDTDG, And he's posted a few videos on Facebook recently, which appears could have been in the studio.

I suppose the biggest reason a new record/ep or single may or may not come in 2014 for Mayer will be based on how much his touring schedule takes up of his schedule.

House of Fools
They posted an update or 2 in 2013 about writing new music, but given there isn't a ton of detail, and their past presence online; and the gap between their last record and Live and Learn, it's certainly no guarantee, but still wouldn't be too surprising if they did release something soon.

I'd love to see it in 2014, as I do really enjoy this band, but I'm not expecting it until they start posting more stuff about it online.

DUg Pinnick (King's X), George Lynch (Dokken) and Ray Luzier (Korn) project which I gotta admit, the samples sound intriguing,  The Self-Titled debut album drops on March 11th.

Pat Metheny Unity Group - Kin
The trio band, which from less than satisfactory time listening to that style/lineup, is more traditional jazz. In other words, less fusion/synthy-guitars, etc. But, especially after seeing Dean Magraw interpret a lot of that kind of style in recent years, hearing another recording from Pat and his impressive band (Christian McBride, Antonio Sanchez), I may get more won over by this, here and now even. Then again, this is Pat Metheny, anything more or less can happen.

Edit: I've checked most of this out and I dig it, but other than some soprano sax, it doesn't vary all that much to most of Pat's other records. Still,  I do enjoy much of it already. it should be worth revisiting throughout this year.

George Michael
He announced like 2 weeks ago, he has a new album in the works. Now, I won't admit to loving everything he does like my girlfriend nearly does, but I do enjoy Faith and some of the Wham music, even just for nostalgia. Plus he did own the stage when he sang with Queen at the Freddie Mercury tribute in the early 90's. And it's been many years since he released a new record (a new single came out in 2012 I recall, but the gf wasn't crazy about it).

Miracles of Modern Science
They had a pretty big year in 2013, so I wonder if they will be working on their next record this year. Even have already, since the MEEMS EP got them a lot of exposure (and of course their popular cover of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"), I wonder if they may be looking to follow that up rather soon. If not 2014, soon after.

Sounds like 2014 could be a year they spend a fair amount of time in the studio, but that may not mean their next record actually gets released until late or sometime in 2015. But Odd Soul was in some ways, their best record, so the record they are working on now is certainly one to get excited about in 2014 or later.

Speaking of which, it’s going to be two years since Odd Soul released. You’ve spoken a bit about the next album in previous interviews. What stage is it at right now?  
We are still just writing songs. We have written so many ideas at this point, and I think if we were together in a studio and work them out, we’d have who knows how many songs. I’ve never made as many instrumental tracks in preparation for an album as I have in this process. I’ve made so many songs. We are trying to be tough on ourselves and wait till we’ve done something really special. I feel like we’re still in the first phase, that starting phase. But I think we’ve spent so much time in this phase that the next phase can often happen with a lot more fluidity and ease if we do a lot of preparation. 
It’s been nice. We have had the luxury of festivals and shows that have been paying enough to buy us time to live, think and write and keep writing and you get more instruments and gear. I’m excited, because in two weeks, all of the guys are coming over to my house and we’re going to set up all the gear. We’re going to spend two weeks here recording ideas. We’ll try to make them as complete as we can, so that we can take them to a producer. So we’re at a stage right now where we’re talking about different producers and who to work with. 

Michael Nesmith and/or The Monkees
The big deluxe live album is being released from his last tour, but I hope/wonder if after playing live both with The Monkees again and solo so much, if many of the songs he's put up on his Videoranch site might be released in some fashion, if he has the time I suppose. I know he's showing up at The Monkees convention for the 1st time in March, in New Jersey. And he is touring this Summer with The Monkees again, but all this touring the last few years just makes me wonder if he may want to record again.

Not that I would think the odds are high, but probably better than it was a few years ago.

Movies of the Mind, the live record has already been released in some forms (the $200 deluxe and super deluxe anyway).

I wonder if releasing that will serve for motivation to want to release something new, soon. Although I should add, the gf mentioned a news story talking about Mike, Micky and Peter making a new record (because "Just Us" was sohhhh loved/good..which she doesn't really agree with, but she still would love to hear something from them I imagine).

But if not in 2014, maybe 2015. Perhaps Mike and/or The Monkees will at least work on new music this year.

Picture of Ours
Ours - Ballet the Boxer 2?
As their 2013 record "Ballet the Boxer 1" implies, it's not, or may not be the last or only part or album they release with said title. Ours is in an odd place now, as they released that record last year, as fast as they could. And the truth is, I am still awaiting my vinyl copy and tote bag, which I understand to a point why, since Vinyl can take time to produce.

And for a band that formed over 20 years ago, and only just released their 4th record last year, I wouldn't expect another record so soon. But, the fact is, Jimmy Gnecco and Ours have plenty of new and old songs written and in some cases, recorded perhaps. Just from the sessions when they made BtB1, it's certainly possible there are recordings that got cut.

It's not like they don't have an online presence, as they do, but it can be vague or long periods of time without hearing much about their new music. Jimmy's a busy guy, a father, collaborator and a renaissance man or troubadour of sorts. And Ours and Jimmy still tour enough, which may dictate the time-frame of their next record.

But Jimmy every so once will post something to his email list and on their website/twitter/facebook with an update. I wouldn't be surprised to see him do that soon and mention something about the next record, whether it is Ballet the Boxer 2 or something else.

But as a fanboy, I totally look forward to it.

Pain of Salvation - Clean?
I noticed some stuff about this maybe even as far back as 2012. But last year, I thought some people were anticipating it. The band toured the North America finally, even though it was abbreviated since Daniel Gildenlow got sick midway through and before the scheduled show in St.Paul at Station 4.

And as I write this, the band are on the Progressive Nation at Sea Cruise, without Daniel somehow, given he has been hospitalized with a required surgery due to a flesh-eating bacterial infection. The guy has not had the best run of luck with his health recently, but hopefully his luck and health will improve.

But assuming that happens, perhaps this record will get made and be released soon after. The Road Salt records I am luke warm about, but I really haven't spent tons of time listening to. They are a lot different in sound (and of course membership). Not really metal, but blues rock/classic rock sounding.

Who knows if "Clean" or what they/Daniel makes next will be the same, but it should be worth checking out regardless.

Painted in Exile
A new single/song will be coming out supposedly based on the last update they included in January. But the fact they don't have a singer  and bassist currently (that I'm aware of), may continue to delay the release of the long awaited 1st full length record. But perhaps things will escalate quicker once they do.

File:Pharrell Williams G I R L.jpg
Pharell - G I R L
This album will include the single "Happy" that was featured in Despicable Me 2 and on many other stations and commercials. If you asked me a year ago who Pharrell/Pharrell Williams was, I would have had NO CLUE. But with the Daft Punk collaboration on Random Access Memories and his work with Robin Thicke and Mayer Hawthorne especially in 2013, along with "Happy," I may have to check this record out, which comes out on March 3rd.

Even the interview he did with Leonard Nimoy helped increase my interest in this guy. He clearly is a talented singer/songwriter and producer, so I would not be surprised to enjoy this, his most recent work. I dunno, eventually he may end up working with other musicians I appreciate like Janelle Monae or Kimbra for example.

Put Down the Muffin
The return of one of the better local bands I came across in the 2000's, and 1 of the better young jazz groups. Really doing more jazz-rock or prog in a sense. Their return kind of came out of the blue, as I sort of forgot about them a few years ago. And I still have yet to see them live, but with this new record they have coming, maybe some live shows will happen too to support it.

Media Addicts are gone now, but with Put Down the Muffin's return, it may fill that newer local jazz-fusion band void. Where to see them? unfortunately not The Artist Quarter . But perhaps Black Dog Cafe or 1 of the clubs in Minneapolis I still need to go to like The Icehouse.

The River Empires
The status of the next progressive/classical /cinematic/bluegrass release from The River Empires  is a mystery and nothing to be assumed at this point, in terms of a time frame.. Jessy Ribordy was posting stuff about the next record, Mars/Brighton II, back in 2012. But it was probably wise to just back off about news and things until something concrete and substantial was available to share. So not a single post or word was made from The River Empires in 2013.

And until the record is all lined up to come out, maybe nothing will be shared, which may or may not be in 2014 or 2015 or later.

But, I love the music for this project too bloody much not to at least anticipate. I am just not assuming anything soon. Falling Up perhaps as they continue to be posting things online, and naturally as I imagine the interest and income even is more consistent with them. But at the point The River Empires does return, I know there will be a lot of people very interested as well.

Rx Bandits - 
It's being made if I recall, per a Pledgemusic or Indiegogo. Trombones? somehow I am skeptical they'll be back. But ANYTHING is great given they announced a breakup a few years ago.

Agalloch member Don Anderson's progressive rock with black metal vocals project, was last heard from in 2008 with Embodiment, a record I have always enjoyed. The samples from the short film "Camera" were among the best parts of it. I also have enjoyed some of their earlier records as well.

Agalloch has a new record coming soon, but Don has posted some on Facebook about the next Sculptured record as well, so it wouldn't surprise me to see it come out either in 2014, or 2015.

Look up "Matrix Metal" on Facebook and you'll see some recent updates.

July 23rd:

Things have been very quiet here, but I've been finalizing a few new songs for what will eventually be the 4th Sculptured album. However, my attention has mainly been given to the upcoming and fifth Agalloch album, as well as the upcoming Sol Invictus album that I guested as guitarist on. Once the Agalloch is finished I hope to dedicate the majority of my time to Sculptured. Thanks everyone for your interest!

edit: double post from Part Two . i didn't realize it, although when I 1st started these, I only intended for there to be one Entry anyway. But whatevah. Nothing wrong with a 2nd reminder about this upcoming record.

Like The River Empires and some others, a new sElf record has been mentioned in the works for many years. And Matt himself is active on Facebook, although not typically about his own music, but just daily life like bartending and what to buy at the grocery store.

But the fact is, he moved back to Tennessee and has a studio there I believe. And 2 singles were released only a couple of years ago "Could You Love Me Now" and "Looks and Money," within the period he was making music for commercials and animated films.

The fact he did that TED Talk recently and with the re-release/vinyl release of Subliminal Plastic Motives, it seems he is still focusing on the sElf music, it's just when a new collection of tunes comes may or may not be just this year. But perhaps still sooner than later.

Darroh Sudderth
Lead singer from what appears to be the in transition or hiatus band Fair to Midland. I know in 1 or more interviews a few years ago he talked about a solo record, which I recall style-wise would not be so much like the heavy rock of FTM, but possibly more folky?

And I found a post or 2 on FB from 2012 where it was mentioned a record could be coming from him. But it's now been over a year since then (I think it was in November or December).

But with Fair to Midland's status unclear, maybe that solo record will come to the surface in 2014 finally.
I love the man's voice and songwriting, so if/when a solo release from Darroh/Andrew comes, it'll be worth hearing.

Tiles - Other Arrangements
I used to be pretty into this Michigan-based progressive rock band in the mid-late 90's. Presents of Mind and their S/T especially I used to listen to a lot, even if they did sound a lot like Rush, but in a good way. Mike Portnoy is a guest on some of this record too. They have been active in the last decade or more, I just haven't been as into their recent music. But perhaps with Portnoy and some other factors, this record will renew my interest in them. Terry Brown is producing and Hugh Syme is doing the artwork again for them, so those are also pluses.

The Velvet Teen
This band have posted here and there about a new record in the works the past few years. I absolutely love 2004's Elysium, although I would be surprised what they may release will resemble that record much. But at this point, I am interested in hearing anything from them. Hopefully it will finally come out soon, potentially this year, since its been 4 years since their last release 2010's No Star EP, and 8 since their last full length 2006's Cum Laude.

Steven Wilson
The odds of the next record from Steven coming in 2014 seem slim to none, but KSCOPE music, his record label posted something yesterday (2/21) that his next record will be made in 2014.