Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Austenland DVD: Nelly's "Hot in Here" montage = GOLD

I caught this Keri Russell-starring DVD last evening with the gf (her pick, although I didn't think it looked bad from seeing a trailer a little while back). And the film itself, really was mediocre at best. But the ending credits had my gf and I on the floor!

I suppose part of it is IN CONTEXT as they are all dressed up in Jane Austen-style/novels period clothing, and the setting.

It did remind me of some of the Psych-outs from the tv series Psych.

I suppose this might belong more in the All Media Reviews: Not Music Blog, but perhaps I'll cross-post since it still is involving and related to music.

I just wish I could come up with what other movies or tv series musical ending credits it reminded me of (The Howling II came to mind, but that isn't the only or best/most similar to this one).