Monday, February 3, 2014

U2: new single "Invisible" (or "Alleluia"?)

not bad. I know this is like 5 or more days late, but, life happens as I continue to repeat. Maybe their new record will surprise myself and many others?

Ironically, I'm currently in Scottsdale, AZ until Thursday afternoon, and even though I'm not working nor even doing so many of the things that this blog and other things take a back seat to when I'm at home (run-on sentence, :p), I actually have had very little time online given I am spending time with my grandma and she does not have a web connection nor a Wifi accessible in her place here in AZ.

I thought about purchasing a short-term hotspot, but sadly, the cost ($50 for a month) doesn't seem justifable.

So the blogging while on PTO may still be limited sadly, but priorities of course.