Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Steven Wilson Band: 5/4/13

This was an incredibly loud, dynamic,extensive performance by Steven and his band. Guthrie Govan is a master of sorts. Really someone whose as adept from a technical standpoint, as most any guitarist I've seen or out there right now. And Marco Minneman, from what I could tell as I only saw parts of his playing from the angle I was sitting at, seemed as versatile and precise a drummer as Steven could ever play with.

Many of the moments of this show were incredible dark thematically. The video screens and even just down to a moment where Steven used a demonic voice to speak to the crowd.

Such as with Raider II, as he told about it being inspired by a serial killer from the 1980's.

I think Steven has right now, a band that musicianship wise, that compares to Dream Theater or you pick any modern band of virtuosos. Steven himself is really not, as he's admitted. But he has written with this new record, some incredibly technical music.

And even I think many of the Grace For Drowning songs were more interesting live. Jazz or Jazz-inspired music often is (or Jazz is supposed to be better live anyway).

Setlist (I think)

Drive Home
The Pin Drop
The Holy Drinker
Deform to Form a Star
Watchmaker Intro Video
(Bass Communion song)
The Watchmaker
Harmony Korine
Raider II
The Raven That Refused to Sing

a Medley (but I don't believe it included Radioactive Toy, as most if not every other show on this tour did. Why? likely because it's been 8 years for our town).

Here's what I've posted in brief amounts about the show thus far

it was great, save for some of the sight-lines given I was upstairs off to the side a bit. But it was really an epic show. I wrote this on this dreamtheaterforums.org the other day "saw him in Minneapolis last night after sadly, an 8-Year Hiatus (which the other 2 previous shows with PT SOLD OUT by the way). Epic show as I'm sure others who've seen him and his band know. 

3 hours, complete Raven and much of Grace.

Constant Video screens of course too."

More to hopefully add later. But the biggest reason I want to include this review now is beyond the worth thousands of words perhaps show, my friend Josh Rundquist aka That Drummer Guy got to interview Steven Wilson before the show the other night. He also is going to interview Daniel Gildenlow on Saturday in fact before the Pain of Salvaton show in St.Paul.