Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pain of Salvation St.Paul 5/11/13 CANCELED: NA Tour?

This sucks, although for me personally, having seen PoS 3 times, it's not as big of a downer as for others who've never seen them. But it still does suck as it's been even 9 years for me. Plus I was hoping to actually spend a few minutes talking to Daniel for the 1st time. And my friend Josh Rundquist had an interview scheduled for his Youtube channel That Drummer Guy. Not to mention he has never seen them.

My hope is they can RESCHEDULE this show tonight in St.Paul (and the rest of the tour?) for later in the year, obviously after Daniel recovers. Pneumonia can be SERIOUS as I have heard too many cases of people who actually died from it. Hopefully Daniel will get better soon.

It comes with heavy hearts and much sadness that we unfortunately must cancel our gig in St. Paul tonight. 
Daniel's condition (the onset to pneumonia) might actually become serious pretty fast under the wrong conditions. We want to get back here as soon as possible and rock these places properly - the crowds have been creating so much wonderful enthusiasm and we truly love you for that. We know some of you will have waited a long time and travelled very far. There's not much more we can do than to apologize here. We know you love Daniel and we want to make sure he lives to come back and play more shows here in the US. Thank you for your understanding.

I regretfully inform everyone that the PAIN OF SALVATION show scheduled for this evening at Station 4 has been CANCELED.

I found out early this morning that Daniel Gildenlöw, lead singer for Pain of Salvation, has developed pneumonia and will be flying home to recover. Obviously the band could no longer perform under such circumstances.

I then tried to negotiate a free show with KINGCROW, IMMINENT SONIC DESTRUCTION and my outstanding local acts in order to salvage the evening. Unfortunately, due to a breakdown in communication, the other bands on the tour package had already started heading home and were now not in a position to make the show on time.

This is the first time in my entire 10 year career of producing Minnesota concerts that I have completely lost a show. I am extremely sorry for the gross inconvenience. Unfortunately these circumstances were far beyond my control.

Advance ticket holders, please return your tickets to your place of purchase for a full refund.

Kind regards,
Nathan Block
SwordLord Productions, Inc.