Friday, May 31, 2013

Matt Mahaffey aka sElf : (15min) TED Talk/Performance

he's the perfect person to do one of these. Like Amanda Palmer, he can speak to being blue-collar and not compromising (or at least for the most part).

The thing he mentions about commercials is so true, but also as I've known for a few years, his stuff is all over television ads and animated movies. I've probably heard dozens of his scores and compositions, and wasn't even aware of it.

I also think, the more I think about it, his lifestyle and approach quite easily might be what Kevin Gilbert would be doing today. At least in some ways; as a producer/engineer and someone who not only makes his own music, but also makes music through being resourceful in the entertainment business.

I wonder if Matt's ever heard of Kevin. The similarities are somewhat eery to me. But of course that is all just hypothetical and guessing.

Now, the actual state of sElf and their upcoming music still remains to be announced. The album sampler that was posted a few months ago was the last thing I have seen. I know Matt did a special show, I want to say in February or March in his home state of Tennessee.

And reading some of his FB posts, he seems to be doing much of the day or nightjob thing, as I thought I saw he was tending bar not too long ago. So, the music he is making or has made recently, maybe has taken a bit of a backseat to paying his bills with other means.

Perhaps with some of this exposure per a TED talk, it may get the ball rolling a little more with the future work for sElf or any other *original* rock/pop music he may make.