Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bobby Jarzombek interview about Fates Warning's new album

still need to watch it, but he talks about the upcoming record I guess.

Also this status update on Facebook from Ray Alder is rather encouraging. But then again, this is Fates Warning, a band whose rarely if ever failed me. I expect this record to be very good to awesome regardless.

Star date: 5/14/2013... Just an update.. After five days of recording here in New Hampshire I've finished six songs so far... SO much work, but I've enjoyed every second of it! ( Well, almost every second...) 
I cannot tell you how incredibly psyched I am for this new Fates album... Every song seems to get better than the last. Also, European tour dates will be coming soon.. I've never been to Israel before.. Hmmm... 
Going home to L.A. tomorrow, it'll be good to rest the voice and see my friends.. Next round of recording coming very soon.. Until then, peace... Kirk out.