Wednesday, March 6, 2013

YOUTUBE REVIEW: Steven Wilson - The Raven..(by The Needle Drop)

I'm just passing along this new review of the latest Steven Wilson album by Anthony Fantano aka "The Needle Drop" the so-called "The Internet's Biggest Music Nerd." (which if he is, than I'm sure I would qualify for something similar, which I'm not sure if it would be a good or bad thing, lol).

I guess as briefly as I can be I'll say a few things:

1) This dude, I guess makes these video reviews and other things with his s/n "The Needle Drop" for a living somehow. Props to him, although it raises the question to me, if he can, could I? (and no, I don't really think I could, but it certainly makes me wonder). And his review videos, generally are well-made and he does a reasonable job being in-depth and explaining his opinions.

2) He does review stuff I like and have talked about here in this blog. Percentage-wise, the stuff he reviews overall there is not a huge amount of crossover. But especially anything that the Hipsters like, that I actually happen to like, there's a good chance he will review it. I.e. Foals, Local Natives, Bloc Party, Muse, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Between the Buried and Me, Mastodon, etc..even Opeth or Agalloch I think/wouldn't be surprised. Bands like The Dear Hunter, dredg, Pure Reason Revolution, Fair to Midland, Karnivool, I suppose I'd be surprised and IMPRESSED if he reviewed music by, but SW and PT sort of cross over enough into that level of obscurity to a point.

2) I am perhaps a little guilty or 1 of a few who may have baited him into reviewing this new record, as I think I commented once or twice on some of his other reviews about it, and then I sent him at least 1 message last week on twitter about it. And if that is/was somehow the case (and I know I wasn't the only one), I am glad he did it. Although I'm glad he did it regardless if I had nothing to do with it., just for the sake of seeing him and his 119,594 subscribers (and all the ones who watch or will watch this) get exposed to not only Steven Wilson but Porcupine Tree and the other groups he stresses SW's is influenced by (or borrowing from?). Which I can see overall, is only a good thing.

That all being said, he does criticize the album pretty well, and in many respects, stuff I and probably many others more, strongly disagree with. The compositions on this album, are among the best Steven Wilson has ever made. And the musicians he had play on this are more than just technicians. And the lyrics not being emotional, or vocals?

I guess it's unfortunate in some ways, that he didn't love the record, that it seems most other reviews and just fans have stated. I suppose most of the other comments about the record have come from fanboys and people who SW style is directed towards. But if the album did hit #1 on iTunes in the US it's 1st day last Tuesday, I suspect not all of those sales were from that obvious demographic.

Now, I wonder if the Sound Opinions guys will end up reviewing it. I'm still skeptical, but who knows. They did review Fear of a Blank Planet a few years ago anyway.

And as far as Anthony and The Needle Drop. I suppose now having seen him actually review something I suggested, and not caring all that much for it, I wonder if it would make sense to suggest something again, specifically prog-related. The Dear Hunter comes to mind (namely since their new album Migrant is going to *drop* rather soon as well), but I may be a little more gun-shy about doing that in the future.