Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sigur Rós - Kveikur (2013)


1 Brennisteinn
2 Hrafntinna
3 Ísjaki
4 Yfirborð
5 Stormur
6 Kveikur
7 Rafstraumur
8 Bláþráður
9 Var

Drop date is June 17th.

The song in the video below, which is the opening track, the last 3 minutes are pretty sweet. But the 1st 4:40+, some of the comments about this *new* direction for them, which I interpret as them more or less combining shoegaze and industrial sounds, being a good *new* direction, I can't say I agree with.

But then again, Valtari and I'd estimate most of what they've done since () has been somewhat predictable and underwhelming. Sans for the Heima film, although that was more of the film itself, rather than the music alone.

However, with another new record, these guys are getting rather prolific, along with Jonsi solo record a few years ago, I wonder if they are suffering a bit from the The Flower Kings/Omar Rodriguez-Lopez disease in that just because you've written and recorded music, doesn't necessarily mean it's the best work you can make right now. I.e., maybe they could use a (new/outside) producer?

Someone like Rick Rubin or Brian Eno perhaps?

Anyway, I'll hopefully get to check this out, although I said the same about Valtari last year, and I maybe listened to it twice. And I actually spent even more time listening to music last year, as opposed to this year thus far, I have not spent even 2/3 the amount of time with new music sadly, yet.