Tuesday, March 19, 2013

RadioTapes.com : Minnesota Radio History Site


I stumbled across this site last night and found myself in a big nostalgia mode. Although it doesn't seem to include much if anything about KFAI or Radio K that I can tell. But being that I grew up listening to WLOL and Hines and Berglund and a bit of KDWB, and then later KQRS.

I also came to learn Tom Barnard was known as "Catman" on his old WDGY days, in which he often sounded more *black* than his deep pipes have ever given the impression to me (not meaning to stereotype).

I honestly had NEVER heard Barnard like that, and never would have guessed it was him after hearing some of those "Catman" voices from the 70's.

I guess Barnard has a PODCAST in which he does on his own now, that includes working with his old KQ Morning show producer Tony Lee. I may end up spending some time checking that out as well soon.