Sunday, March 3, 2013

Amanda Palmer: Speaking about "Trust"

This is quite the story that easily could be rather inspiring to many artists. I suppose Amanda is not like many other artists who would look to crowd-funding, but I can attest, I have seen some rather obscure bands have  very successful Crowd-Funded campaigns, so much so, I think there is something to using the web and just making connections. 

I'm not sure how far it can go for every artist trying to fund the making of every album, or maybe more so, just having a STEADY INCOME of some kind. But just as an initial challenge of making music, the crowd funding tools and maybe more of what she emphasizes in this short presentation, CONNECTING with the fans more DIRECTLY, may allow music to be made without the concerns of going into debt in order to make a record or even do a tour.

Now, whether the music industry and major labels, streaming services (and things like the RIAA) ever will come to accept this as a viable alternative in their industry is a whole other issue. But then again, go back only 5 or 6 decades, the music industry wasn't about capitalism anyway, so, perhaps those in that part of the industry may discover that doesn't and maybe shouldn't ever have belonged in the control of the business world. 

But, only time will tell. But Amanda's story certainly could have an impact.