Monday, March 4, 2013

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - Failed by Man and Machine [EP]

3/4/13 12:00PM

The whole thing can be streamed now:

2/21/13 2:10PM

Failed by Man and Machine cover art

1.Dance Before You Die 02:41   
2.(quakes) 05:24
3.Failed by Man
5.Failed by Machine 

2/14/13 12:01PM

For those of you who missed Monday's announcement, here it is. New EP. 5 tracks of completely new material. Joining us on the night will be Solkyri (NSW) and Antelope. Expect to hear some sounds from it very soon. Nice!
I was pretty impressed but ultimately, not addicted to their full-length debut from 2011 Deaden the Fields. Mainly per the cymbals clipping on a chunk of it. But writing-wise, it didn't disappoint. This band have a very unique approach to post/prog whatever. With emphasis on jazz and at times heavy and unexpected things/parts.
As it says there, it's a 5-track EP, about 18 minutes I thought I read on another Facebook post, coming on March 2nd (release show).