Tuesday, November 27, 2012

WKRP (in Cincinnati) used Pink Floyd's "Dogs"

I was just watching an episode of WKRP earlier this evening with Sparky Anderson that a friend of mine suggested I DVR via "MeTV." And WKRP is a show I was only vaguely familiar with in the past a bit, from seeing it in reruns, as I was rather young when it originally aired from 1978-1982. I was just reading up about it and then stumbled across this video where they used some Pink Floyd, and not the predictable radio hit Floyd, but "Dogs" off of Animals.

So, it just supported a lot more of the feeling I was getting when I wrote that post last night about The Current's "Time Machine" and song lengths, and how Radio (and television and other forms of media) used to be able to use stuff without restriction (save for things that violate FCC rules though). I mean 89.3 did play some Floyd, and even a few deeper tracks like "Lucifer Sam" and "Fearless"...but what about a song like "Dogs"? All 17 minutes and 3 seconds for that matter. In 1978, Radio stations could and DID play songs of that length.

Based on the lengths of every track on Animals, unless they had edits (which I'm sure some stations did/do) the only tracks from Animals that would suit 89.3's length would be the "Pigs on the Wing" intro and outro with their whole minute and change they clock in at.

I honestly do not recall any radio station ever playing anything off Animals (save for KFAI, which I was one of maybe a few programmers who have over the years), which by many fans feeling, is Floyd's best record (and I'll admit to be of that feeling, although I LOVE a number of their other records, Obscured By Clouds and Atom Heart Mother among them).