Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A note or 2 about 2012

Given some circumstances, namely my back issues, and in the interest to publish it in a desirable amount of time (i.e. by December 1st if not earlier), the 2012 Index will be a bit different than the past couple of years.

I will just say, I have a list of course, and among that list, I have weeded it down to around 24 releases now, that are I guess I would say worthy of 4-stars or higher. Or, just releases I know well enough to write something about (I think!).

Then there's a sizable number of releases that have music I like on them, but for various reasons, I'm not exactly in love with. And I guess just in the interest of time, I may or may not include much of a blurb about. In other words, it'll likely be more of a random thing. Perhaps a twitter-length blurb, perhaps more, or perhaps nothing.

There also likely will only be 2 entries for now, the 4-stars+ one, and the under 4-stars one. The under 4-stars also won't have an exact order or numbered rankings.

2012 was an unusual year. And one that I honestly did not have the time or energy to amass a typical type of year's worth of music. There still was a lot of good music, some of which I heard, some of which I didn't have time to hear, and some which I suspect I have yet to hear.

I guess over the next 10 days or less, I'll find out how this slightly new approach works for me, but if it does, I can't imagine not doing it again next year, just in the interest in making this process easier on myself.