Friday, November 30, 2012

Spock's Beard - Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep (2013)

Target Date for this album is March 1st for the Limited Edition. I'm curious about this as I have posted recently, with Enchant singer Ted Leonard coming on board. I haven't heard this sampler above yet. I guess the key could be the songwriting and how well his vocals fit Spock's. I haven't been all too into their work since Neal Morse left, but given I'm an Enchant fan, I'm a lot more curious about this album, more than any of their records in a long time.


The preorder for our next CD has finally begun!

We are now taking preorders for a Limited Edition of our 11th studio CD.

Target delivery date for the Limited Edition is March 01, 2013

Proceeds from this preorder are a necessary part of the funding required to put out a quality product, so your support is greatly appreciated!

The title of the CD is “Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep” and will be shipped as a main disc PLUS a bonus disc. This privately released Limited Edition will contain an additional bonus track and some extra booklet pages that will not be on the InsideOut release in April.

As a gesture of appreciation for your trust in Spock’s Beard, by purchasing this CD before it is even finished your preordered copies will be shipped a month before being released worldwide by InsideOut / Century Media.

You’ll notice that there are more preorder options this time, one of which is a digital download. There are also some more expensive packages offered that are quite unique and may be highly interesting to some of you.

Check it out! Preorder soon because it is a Limited Edition with only 5,000 units available. (The 5,000 total units available will be divided between digital downloads and physical CDs). Once they’re gone, they’re gone, never to be reissued.

Thank you for your interest and support!!