Monday, November 12, 2012

Health concerns

11/12/12 9:43PM
This has returned, maybe as bad if not worse than it was back in August. It's been troubling me since Saturday (11/10/12), and while it comes and goes, other than taking a hot bath, standing and walking around intermittently, and a little bit of sports cream, I haven't found a consistent helpful therapy. Advil, of course, but I am trying not to get addicted to painkillers.

I went to a therapist about a month ago, and didn't keep up with the exercises he gave me to do. But when trying to do them, I aggravated my back, although at least with that experience, it only lasted a day at most.

I sincerely hope this subsides at least from now until after Thursday evening for the Monkees/Michael Nesmith show.

But as sad as my situation is, my girlfriend is worse in some ways, now having flu symptoms, I in all likelihood gave to her. I had a cold/or am slightly still recovering from a cold. But have seen my symptoms very low since Saturday. She on the other hand, has just got worse every day.

I really hope she is feeling at least a lot better, if not more or less 100% by Thursday. She's waited over 26 years to see Michael Nesmith live. It really seems unfair if something like the flu impacts her ability to enjoy the concert she's waited her whole life to see. It just would seem unfair, but hopefully over the next couple of days her flu/temp will go down, or away entirely. And my back issues will as well.

Not that this has anything to do with music, but yours truly, honestly, I can't seem to get a break with minor health issues. Within the last month, my lower back has been acting up, and I've had therapy done 5 times, taken Aleve, applied a cold pack, used stretching techniques as often as I can. It seemed I was getting better, but than a little over a week ago, it flared up again. And today, literally the 1st 24+ hours since I went off Aleve every 12 hours, it seems to be having more issues than normal.

And then this Thursday, I somehow contracted an enlarged uvula. I had this condition close to 10 years ago, but don't recall exactly all I did to treat it. I read some stuff online about it, and among sucking on ice cubes and drinking fluids, 1 thing suggested GARGLING SALT WATER. I did that last night, and I'm thinking due to the fact it feels LARGER i.e. WORSE, that was not a good thing to do.

I'm headed to the 3rd clinic/Urgent Care I've been to in the last few weeks in just a bit, hopefully to get something for this swollen/enlarged uvula.

But it's unbelievable, almost like Murphy's Law, how sometimes things come at you once something else starts to seem to improve.