Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pepe Deluxe - Captain Carter's Fathomas (video)

This is a video made for this track off Pepe Deluxe's previous record Spare Time Machine. It wasn't made by the band (though just shared on Facebook by them), but the animation is nice and the interpretation of the song is pretty sweet. It's like a short film.

I have gone to enjoy both Spare Time Machine and Beatitude a fair amount, although not as much as Queen of the Wave.

The band mentioned how this has it's Italian prog infliuences, which I hear. They also said Queen of the Wave has been called "Prog," (by me among others), but really isn't other than "Grave Prophecy."

That I don't entirely agree with, as I regard "Prog" as being many approaches to music and album composition. But I imagine the band don't look at "Prog" exactly that vaguely.