Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The River Empires - Cellar Door (Series)

10/17/12 8:19PM


Five teenagers discover mysterious glowing orbs that hold a great power. They soon run into a group of others who possess the same type of orbs, joining them in constructing a spaceship to leave the earth and search for answers.  

Cellar Door is a television series with a finished pilot episode script and a treatment of the entire first season (7 episodes). For my protection of the story and idea, I didn't want to post the pilot episode or the treatment online. The trailer above is designed to represent the pilot episode and overall concept of the series. If there is any interest in either the treatment or the pilot episode script in PDF, please contact me personally through the email on the site. Thanks!  ​

I've said it a number of times, but I just wish I could help get this off the ground somehow, but having a cousin whose a wardrobe buyer in Hollywood doesn't exactly give me one of those *connections*. It might even be worth just posting something to Kevin Pollak on Twitter, except both him and his sig other/producer Jaime Fox probably don't even remember me. :-\.

I mean take Coheed and Cambria or The Dear Hunter. Neither of those have been made into a series/movie. Coheed has the graphic novel, but given how much bigger both of them are to TRE's, this may all be just false hope.

But Jessy has to try of course. And Mars/Brighton II hopefully is coming soon regardless. It sounds like the 2 mediums (Albums and TV Series) are moving further apart, than originally Jessy intended. No biggie, but it's interesting to notice.

12/22/11 4:28AM
See this post on Facebook with Video Trailer

I am going to presume this is for a series, my guess would be a Web-based Series, just based on budget and interest levels. I'd love to be wrong and have this air even on some smaller Cable network like A&E or something, but I'm not expecting it.

But clearly, there's something soon to be announced, and how and whatever the format it is, it's titled "Cellar Door" from seeing that trailer. Hopefully there'll be more to know and add soon, like sometime early in 2012.

Also check out the new piece at jessy's blog

In order to help myself finish the end of my series pilot script, I wrote this piece. Right when it climaxes is when the last scene takes place, then credits will roll — in my mind.

And I did stumble upon this video a bit agoo on Vimeo, of Jessy in a studio last year sometime.