Monday, October 29, 2012

Negroni's Trio - On the Way (2012)

1 On the Way           
2 Matices           
3 Blue Forest           
4 Estate           
5 Dancing With the Bass           
6 Oak Tree           
7 Expressions           
8 My Way           
9 Looking For You           
10 Retrospection

I haven't heard it, and didn't even know it was released I guess on September 18th. Kind of cool to find out about coming on the heals of seeing another great latin jazz artist, Poncho Sanchez the other night. I really enjoyed Negroni's last record Just Three as well as some of their earlier work back towards the end of 2010. Their drummer is awesome. I wonder how this will stack up for 2012, especially among the other good jazz-related records i.e. Mike Linden, Media Addicts, etc. But it should be great to hear in the coming days/weeks before the 2012 Index is published.