Monday, October 22, 2012

Jeff Buckley Documentary - Everybody Here Wants You (2002)

Wow. I stumbled across this on Youtube earlier, and I must say, this is about as thorough a documentary of Jeff Buckley (including much about Tim) as I've ever seen. What I'm surprised about is never having seen it until now. Although I've seen a number of the clips, there's plenty I never recall seeing, namely the early footage.

But it does tell his story pretty thoroughly, save for the fact the details of how he ended up going to the Wolf River in Memphis in the 1st place; him and Foti were trying to find the studio where they were going to record at and couldn't find it. But Jeff grew frustrated and decided it would be better to go swimming instead of spending all night driving around. Thus they ended up at the Wolf River, etc.

They should officially release it. I'm sure his Mother would want to, anyway.

Of course, a few things pop into my head in seeing it.

1) This is really what people should see instead of

for one thing, Mark Rendall was the best actor in Hollywood to cast. Not only does he look a ton like Jeff, but he's a musician as well. But also in seeing that, it really fits the title Greetings From Tim Buckley and it appears to only be about Jeff doing this tribute show and his father Tim's limited time with Jeff. Because the David Browne book has WAY too much about Jeff's upbringing and his life after that show. Almost to the point, I wonder if this movie actually used much if any basis from Dream Brother at all.

Although I suppose Penn Badgley was a better choice than Robert Pattinson, but so be it.

But the other obvious thing about Everybody Here Wants You I can't help but think of is the obvious Kevin Gilbert parallel, and the desire to have his story out there in a documentary or movie of some kind. Hell I'd even go for just a published Biography that goes beyond the stuff written online. But as I have thought the last few years, it may be a life's goal if nobody ever else tries to make one, to make a Kevin Gilbert documentary. And the way this Jeff Buckley one was made 10 years ago, would be a good source. The problem being, with Jeff there was a lot more video footage and television exposure, but with Kevin, there wasn't all that much that I've seen. The best bet may be home videos shot by friends and his family, but getting access to that may be many jobs-and-a-half themselves.