Thursday, December 15, 2011

Steven Wilson interview (including a bit about Storm Corrosion)

interesting point he makes about length of albums. 40-45 minutes being the length of most "classic" records, and how the listener's attention span begins to drop off. It's a generalization, but one I wouldn't disagree with.

As far as Storm Corrosion, the "trilogy" idea (with Grace for Drowning and Heritage0 kind of makes me more skeptical about it, mostly in how the songs or extensively long and share a lot in common with those 2 albums.

I'm not sure if it'll ever happen, but whether he tries to or not, his work always seems to carry a certain element that isn't too far of a departure. In other words, his style remains the same.

But, often times it's good to not expect tons, as being pleasantly surprised can happen.

Another thing he mentioned about writing music and thinking of Cinema. It may never happen, unless Casey Crescenzo brings it up, but I would be curious what his thoughts would be about The River Empires, for various reasons, but one being the fact it is music that is actually being written for Cinema (or television).