Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Baltic Sea - Period Piece (2011)


this progressive rock band from Spain was suggested on the dredg forum the other day, and I checked out this new record of theirs. A lot of this is rather engaging. Sort of mixing bombast with ambience and melody. I might compare them to a few bands, one being Sound & Shape.

Another 2011 record, under my radar, now hearing in the stretch run. Why an Album of the Year Index almost could be done on any month of the year or rather be called Albums-of-the-last-12-months Index instead, lol

riyl: Sound & Shape, Brice Plays Drums, Yes, ...And You Will Knows Us as the Trail of Dead

my 1 beef is the last track, the 1st 3-4 minutes, the swallowing is heard way too clearly, which may make it a fast-fwd section.