Friday, April 8, 2011

The Reign of Kindo - October's Storm

I feel pretty fucking negligent, as I think this was posted about 3 weeks ago or more. This as far as I know, is a TOTALLY NEW or UNRELEASED SONG. Not to mention, I've been pretty addicted to these guys in the past few months. Better late(r) than never of course.

edit: this is not totally new or unreleased (the title sounded familiar), as it was a Japanese Bonus track off their incredible debut record Rhythm, Chord & Melody

TRoK post

I swung beneath the battered trees
the sunlight kissed and greeted me
it broke right through the clouded skies above
adorned the trees with shining love
and veils of doubt and shadows fled my eyes

The saddest looking trees
broken and bruised in the fateful October’s storm
stripped of their majesty

The storm came in the night
it crippled this town, unannounced and unmercifully bawling
tears of wet snow

Though the trees cried through the night
there was none to cure their plight
and it seemed their better days
would behind them ever stay

On that clouded day
years had since passed since the fury of October’s storm
when I found that old swing

They were standing high above
when the sunlight came down and revealed to my eyes such a wonder
they were bursting with life

No matter what storms you’ve seen
no matter the broken dreams
you’ve yet to see mend
consider the battered trees
their leaves dancing in the breeze
recalling no memory
of October’s storm.