Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sick of a lot of things

warning: whiny/emo apologies

but one being on forums. Of course having to pass along info specifically on SO MANY of them.

but in some cases, I'll post some news and then as it turns out it's already been posted by someone. And in other cases of course, another topic is already about said news (and not posted in the thread). And when I have done so, I do a search and find the topic and fail to carefully check the date of the last post.

I'm definitely sick of Radio K's music library not having so many bands they could/should play. Namely, dredg, Ours, The Dear Hunter, Genesis, King's X, Kevin Gilbert/Toy Matinee.

I'm sick of music, movies, tv shows I love not receiving the praise, while other, music, tv and movies getting far too much praise. It's not fair and it's not balanced.

I'm sick of feeling like I should be working in this industry (entertainment media) for a living but am not. I see some who are and could claim they are doing what they love, at the risk of lower job-security. But will I 10 years from now look back on this time and wonder why the fuck I didn't try and pursue a career in it, even with the lack of pay, opportunity, etc. Will I wonder, is my taste and ability to provider info on this stuff really realistic in terms of appeal. Mass-appeal? Naturally I'd like to think it is, but in truth, most of the masses would probably think my taste sucks. My taste is too niche. And it sucks to realize that. There's the parallel dimension theory.

I am also sick of being 1st to the punch to bands like Warpaint and Local Natives among many others..but those two specifically, and feeling like I am owed something beyond the acknowledgment from the bands. I know they know. But the bandwagon jumpers at Pitchfork and local radio/print etc frankly, even if they totally knew of me and my support of them so long before, they wouldn't give me shit. And actually I wouldn't probably desire any recognition from those specifically if at least they would listen to me about other bands from then-on.

I'm like a guy who finds really good stocks when the price is like 20 cents a share, but don't actually have the money to buy them at the time. And then suddenly that stock goes way up and those people who knew I pointed the stock out to them so early don't even want to come back to me for advice on the next one.

Fucked Up, huh?

It's stuff like that, and the lack of ability for many of these folks to see my twitter posts and posts on this blog, that kind of make me want to just keep everything I, new bands..rumors..etc as a secret. Not share anything with the public, because what the fuck good is it really doing me and them? Although I could swear, someone is either following this blog, my rateyourmusic or at least a couple of forums I'm on from progarchives. Far too many of the bands I champion keep showing up in their added artists.'s like it would kill them to try and contact me and say something.

Blech, my neck or collarbone vertebrae problem is really bugging me. There's a ton of others points, tangents and things that are wanting to come out in here. But I'm too fatigued right now plus I have Cloud Cult tomorrow, so the more sleep the better.