Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Need more time

as always. At least with the World Series over and the Concert season really slow, I hope I can do more in here.

I got I count 8 or 9 4.5 star albums in 2010 right now. Hopefully more will come soon in the last few weeks here. Agalloch, Between Two Skies, Shattered and maybe Water & Bodies.

Deerhoof is coming to the Triplerock on February 17th with 2 other bands. 1 being potentially good..like a synthy/jazzy/humor Apes and Androids sorta. I dunno. They're called Ben Butler and Mousepad

-Randy Moss is gone. We'll see how much it helps. The fodder is the entertaining circus that it can and often is though. Instead of 10-6, I think they go 6-10. Childress is fired. Frazier is hired.

-The Giants finally won. Cool. Now hopefully it'll be the Cubs turn. Say, within 10 years.

-Timmy Sean and Dominique Leone both put out recent good albums. I'm starting to dig them more now. From the same friend who introduced me to Emanuel & the Fear in fact. So if somehow the stars allign, I'll have to talk more about both of them in here.

-I need to write something about My Boys and Jordana Spiro not being in the NBC anthology show she was supposed to be. My Boys is done, but I never gave it a farewell goodbye.

-I need to watch The Tick, Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place among older tv shows.

-I need to write a short review about the 70's Vampire picture Count Yorga, Vampire and maybe the sequel, as I watched the 1st one this past weekend.

-I also need to add a bit more about Fall tv, especially the new shows. Especially The Good Guys which will be gone soon. I sure as hell hope by some miracle it gets renewed. I doubt it though. Bradley Whitford is actually going to be on The Kevin Pollak Chat Show in a few weeks.

-I'm kind of addicted to "Used Bin Radio" on Tuesday Nights 9-Midnight. I just wonder if calling in almost every week, they might get sick of me :p

-A blogger/writing/media forum kind of thing is next weekend at a spot on Nicollet Mall from 9am-2pm (not the Convention Center..at least I don't think. I don't think TMCC is even located technically on Nicollet Mall anyway). I do have a reservation for it. I will go hoping to find some kind of advice/insight either to do this more, do what I'm doing now, or maybe even quit this blog. I dunno, but it can't hurt to check it out I'd imagine.

-I wish the Psych College tour were coming here. Maybe next year/season? like I've said, Prince does live here now.

- The Citypages "Picked to Click" thing, I need to hear back from. But to be brutally honest, almost every band on that list sucked. Maybe it's indicative of the cliques and people who seem to influence the music community in this town, but I would hope I could at least get a vote, even if it's for 5-10 artists who nobody else will vote for. I mean Lehto & Wright? Greg Herriges? Between Two Skies? Empires? Nomia? Shattered? Media Addicts? Samosa? even Iron Thrones? NOWHERE to be found of course. blech.

-I need to check into Negroni's Trio..amazing jazz group I heard on Jazz 88 a few weeks back, that apparently only sell their music digitally (that I can tell).

more "I need to's" soon I imagine and hopefully more actual reviews/opinions and time wasting.