Friday, November 19, 2010

Cloud Cult - 11/18/10 First Ave

Here's my forum post

I just got back a bit ago from seeing them. These guys are a CLASS ACT live. It's a total ENERGY FEST. The whole band sings perfectly in chorus, and every member (other than the drummer) is frequently switching between instruments including single tom drums.

Plus, as I had read about, they have 2 people do these layered pieces of art throughout the whole show.

I would totally endorse seeing them live if you are even on the fence about their studio work.

All these years they've been this big deal in this town, especially live, and I see why now. I really had no clue what I was missing. I am now off to seek out the rest of their catalog that I have yet to hear (4 albums and a documentary film).

the set list show was probably 75% or more from Light Chasers and Feel Good Ghosts. I know they did a couple of tunes off their others. But I guess last night's show was a pretty different set given they knew some fans attended both.

But they have been playing the whole Light Chasers record live at times at least, from what their drummer said. The sound check was really nice, they gave everyone free pizza and the chance to talk with the band members. I don't think I've ever had that kind of experience at a concert, especially at a place like First Ave that I often never see the bands before or after wards. I kind of wish I had gone to the show on Wednesday, but I had a ticket for dredg last night.

But I have to add some stuff. Here's just a guess of the set list

Unexplainable Stories
No One Said It Would Be Easy
Exploding People
You'll Be Bright
Mr. Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan)
Running With the Wolves
Journey of the Featherless?
Today We Give Ourselves To The Fire
Story of Granson Jesus?
There's So Much Energy In Us

Everybody Here Is a Cloud

they did I'm pretty sure at least 1 maybe 2 tunes off Hippopotamus and then I would guess 1 or 2 off albums I have not heard.

The other big things about this show that I honestly will never forget.

-I LOST (misplaced) my actual show-ticket sometime between the moment I pulled it out with my dredg show ticket at the Cabooze last night. Luckily (or unluckily), I didn't actually realize it until about 2:30 and spend the last 24 hours freaking out over it. So, I had my SOUND CHECK pass still, and I showed up after filling a meter on the street with 16 quarters, lol. I maybe missed 10 minutes of the band actually playing. But the Sound Check while it was cool, ended up having me feeling kind of miserable without a ticket for the actual show. I told the security at the door about misplacing my ticket and they said they had to clear out the club after the Sound Check ended, and I need a ticket given I could have given someone my ticket (and not be telling them).

So, they had free pizza from Pizza Luce, which was really nice, although I'm totally guilty for more or less living on their food over the last week. But it was still welcome. I asked a few people about what I should do. One girl told me to hang out in the bathroom or something. But after the band finished rehearsing they came down on to the floor and grabbed some pizza as well. But I was watching the Sound Check from my desired seated spot on the upper right hand side at a table + chair.

So CC's keyboard/french-horn/trumpet player Sarah and I think their manager (or lighting? sound?) Adrian came upstairs to use the restroom, and I caught them and explained my situation to them and they were really very nice to put me on the guest list.

From that moment on, I was on Cloud 9 it seemed.

I think I'm going to have to try and see them again as soon as I can. I sort of have some make up for lost time. Especially if I find myself even more into them with getting into their back catalog more in depth.

Their drummer Arlin also was really cool to chat with for a bit after their Sound Check. I guess he plays with Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps as well. I would go for seeing them again, but even more now. I had no idea I saw him when I saw Caroline and her band back in January of 2009 with Best Friends Forever and Jeremy Messersmith.

I also can't stress enough how good their energy was, along with the group drumming and the paintings. Although I think Scott West's darker/blacker painting of a woman, which I didn't see as much of the creation-of as given my view was better to Connie Minowa's, was better. Connie's was more of that layer-over-layer-over-layer thing which I'm kind of less crazy about as I once mentioned about a Judgement Day's video. The more subtle, less-is-more at times work on Scott's was more my thing, and more similar to the guy who painted at those Jenny Dalton shows a few years ago.