Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's cookin

Obession, perfection, etc etc..lots of stuff is in-the-works beyond those 2 recent movie reviews and the 2009 Music lists. Including 1 about 2009 concerts. The nice thing is, I compiled most of those shows already on the forums. Just a bit to add I guess about top 5-10 shows and maybe a few coments and images perhaps.

But more podcast of course.
Bands..not sure how long this will be.

Movies: a decent length trip to the video store is required, but the number is like 140 already for the list I am making on rym right now for the decade. Blurbs and things will be the big chore. But I have a lot of pto right now (something like 18 or 19 days) and I think the last week of January is when i'll be taking off at least. That and perhaps some New Year's freetime will supply enough blogging time to allow me to really do that monster list justice. It may end up like the music. A top 50 with blurbs, and then the rest with some longer comments and others with a few lines or nothing. I'm not sure. The supply of imdb links and images of couse is probably half the work. The only nice part about is I don't foresee having to convert the list into forum/message board coding like I have with the music (a long painful waste of time too).

TV: this 1 is starting to come well along already. It'll probably not even reach 50. The blurbs are already going well. I really like doing this one, because writing about tv I I love seems to be easy for me. I guess I'll know how easy this goes in the coming days/weeks. It's possible this sucker will be published by the weekend. Depending on how busy I am with Channukah, New Years, and romantic involvements, lol.

Some bands deserve recognition. A random/new discovery entry or 2, 3. namely The Antlers who I am kind of fallen-for pretty hard. Some of these eps: Sigmund Droid, Graph, Painted In Exile, Cyclamen and one or two others maybe. Shelter Red Brooke Waggoner and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's perhaps as well. I'm not sure, but I guess including them in my Album Index, they may deserve more elbaoration now.

Graphic Novels: this could be a little while. Transmetropolitan and this other Bryan K Vaughn one with animals in Baghdad.

TV: White Collar, Dr.Who specials, Castle and few other shows to bring up. This new show with Brad from Boston Legal even 'Human Target."

And even how Fringe being moved to Monday along with Chuck's return has made Monday the logjam it was the last 2 seasons again, somewhat at least.

2010 announcements/news..In Vain, East of the Wall and some others I'm behind on. Perhaps just a more in depth with comments 2010 forecast, with the new mindset, all veteran albums will not be classics. The debut records I still feel is what 2010 will be about. That and maybe Indietronica again. Plus likely more metal albums.

-sad about Avenged Sevenfold's drummer "The Rev" dying. No going back and forth, but one forum I'm on really got exposed for their lack of respect and taste for laughin-off that. A talented drummer died. A7X may not be everyone's cup of tea, and may have a skater/punk/hardcore element at times. But they're respected in musician-circles, they're prog, they're a nice blend of styles, and have written way too much good and liked music by a vast demographic of music tastes to be treated like a joke. They're not Nickelback or Creed. But some people seem to see them as that bad and that funny. It's interesting because many bands I find that suck may or have had members die, would I smirk in a post? not likely. I wouldn't even deny a following. Blink 182's drummer is actually good. But is their music annoying? I guess, but if he died, or was sick or something (I think he was), I'd hardly ignore or take shots at them or fans on a public forum. It's really a headscratcher and face-palm.

A7X were really popular on and some other Metal-related forums for a little while there. It makes no sense how people you think you value their opinion, show their true colors sometimes. In the least likely of places. O well..forums + me I'd love to lurk..but it's like chocolate. I can't avoid them, at least at this point. And the lessons never fully get learned. They just become more accepted I guess, lol.

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