Sunday, December 6, 2009

ALICE tonight/tomorrow 12/6/-12/7

as I posted recently, just to reiterate.

from the same director, Nick Willing, who did "Tin Man" a few years ago on SyFy/Scifi/Skeefee.

Kathy Bates, Colm Meaney, Matt Frewer among the noteworthy cast.

I'm looking forward to the Tim Burton version in March like I'm sure many others are (although not really for the Johnny Depp Mad Hatter necessarily. Alan Rickman and Christopher Lee moreso). But this may turn out to be as good if not better in some ways. Generally Syfy makes pretty good Mini-series. It's their movies that suck and their tv shows are hit-and-miss I generally find.

While Alice_In_Wonderland, the Lewis Carroll classic, isn't at the level of The_Wizard_of_Oz to me, I've still always enjoyed it. And like TWoZ, I acted in the play when I was a kid. I suppose I can never forget like many, the Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit" song when I think of it.

This a reimagining like Tin Man, so I expect some different twists and storylines to be changed for the sake-of retelling the story in a different and/or new way.

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