Saturday, December 19, 2009

Doctor Who - The Waters of Mars (Special to Air November/December 2009)

12/19/09 12:42PM bumped as today is the day this special finally airs on BBC America

I just noticed this on BBC America's site. There's also a new logo for the show for what that's worth.

I guess this is the 2nd of 4 David Tennant Dr.Who specials before he departs. Series 5 starts March 2010 (UK).

The way that trailer looks to be honest, while it'll be worth seeing, it does remind me of 1 or 2 other Dr.Who episodes. Namely the 1 at the library where the scientistis kept getting infected with the light from the shadows. Also based on what's shown on the site there, it shows Donna with the Doctor, yet she's not shown in that preview. So, wtf, why?..

I imagine at least 1 of the other specials will be another X-Mas episode, and then 1 other before the new Doctor, Matt Smith, takes over in March.

edit: and it appears the next companion, named Amy Pond will be played by Karen Gillan

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