Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Soundscape new album coming

 Ever since noticing this yesterday afternoon, I've meant to post it, but haven't had time yet.

Yesterday with Mew and the The Dear Hunter/Coheed thing and this, January 24th seems like besides my wife and I's 4-month anniversary, the biggest announcement day of the year.

I know most people never caught onto Soundscape, other than a select group among the ProgPowerUSA/Prog Power folks (90's Prog Metal, and Prog/Prog Festivals) and Dream Theater fans from the 90's.

And their finished epic release Grave New World only may have found a handful of new fans for whatever reason (at least that I know of).

And their style of music is, or was since it was in the 90's of the 90's Prog a lot of ways, etc.

But I still love them to bits. Discovery and GNW are 2 of the greatest prog metal albums ever to me. And this new album of theirs, even if it sounds much like those 2, I will likely enjoy a lot, yadayadayada.

I dunno, I want to expect another 5-star album and would hardly be surprised, but I also wonder what their sound may be like, if it differs in what way since GNW of course was written in the 90's even though it wasn't released until 2009.

And ya know, Reunion albums are hit and miss, I guess if you consider like the last Enchant album and the 1st reunion album from Big Wreck in some ways.

But on the other hand, consider others like Kaddisfly, Subterranean Masquerade, The Tea Party, Faith No More and some others.

The Reunion Album and Songs That Should Have Been Hits have been on my mind this week and would both make good forum topics. Maybe I'll try and post that list and more of good/okay/bad reunion albums. At least Big Wreck has come back and made a better 2nd reunion album, plus their new one in a few weeks sounds more of that ilk.

But Soundscape..yeah those 2 albums are gold to me.

Now only if the likes of The River Empires, Apes and Androids..even Pure Reason Revolution and Oceansize someday would mean a ton to me like Soundscape's return does again.

Thanks to all the Soundscape guys! Can't wait to hear this thing and good luck making MAGIC!


It's Official - Soundscape will be entering Rob Thorne's studio ( with Lou Caldarola , Todd Rose and Scott Waite ) to begin tracking all new material on March 11th ! We are excited to be writing together and prepping for the studio dates..sneak peek to come in a few weeks, Stay tuned !!