Thursday, January 5, 2017

James Corden w/ Jim Parsons "Dust in the Wind" (Kansas)

s'ok. I don't love Jimmy Fallon, but this idea kind of began with SNL and has been part of Fallon's schtick.

Corden's is the Carpool Karaoke, which Janelle Monae was on the other night, and it's too bad he didn't do that bit with her. "Tightrope" maybe?

That being said, the naivete of some of the people on YouTube and Social Media is almost predictable. Most of them likely have no clue which members of Kansas they are representing, or for that matter, even seen the original video.

Corden is Steve Walsh, and Parsons is buried in beard+wig is ROBBY STEINHARDT.

Hagrid?..again, Millennials, learn to do a little research,. If anything then, people should be describing Hagrid as having the Robby Steinhardt-look.

At the same time, a large part of Corden and the Social Media viewership likely didn't even know this song, let alone who the band Kansas are.