Monday, January 9, 2017

FREQS TV From the Moshpit (ft. AllMediaReviews)

Here's a submission I made to this new series on the FreqsTV YouTube Channel about fans and their stories with Metal and music in general.

Of course I stressed more of my take and HISTORY with Metal and I suppose it relates to my history and interest with progressive rock.

I mentioned in there about how I enjoy FREQS TV and their different videos. That progressive rock band feature from a little over a year ago (2015 and/or 2016?) among others.

And this new series about "From the Moshpit" which gives fans the chance to chime in on their background on Metal and Music. Mine is the 3rd one that's been submitted I guess.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of these.

The FREQS TV info and for anyone else who wants to submit a fan-profile is below.

Also 1 other note is they have a new show titled "Zero Authority" which may be like a regular video series of music discussion, etc. Which there are many on YouTube, but they tend to be hit and miss. The ones from FREQS though seem to be well edited and crossover well with my taste (not just Metal, but prog of course).

Metalheads! We want to hear your story! For the last two years we have been telling you stories from your favourite bands. Now it's your turn.

send submissions to (use wetransfer or dropbox or google drive for larger files)

Send us a video that tells us about:

1.) You! Who are you?
2.) Where do you come from? (planet Metal??)
3.) What's your local metal scene like?
4.) When was the first time you discovered metal?
5.) What does metal music mean to you?

Every week we will post a different story from another metal head around the world. Try it!

A few tips:

1.) If you shoot with a smart phone please use landscape mode!
2.) Try to record the sound in a quiet place. Sound is really important, as metal heads know!
3.) Please dont use music if you don't have permission. If you want to use music from local bands who give you permission, great! Support your local!

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